About Qariyb

Qariyb is a global events platform designed for the Muslim community to discover, create, and
attend events that align with their faith, values and interests.

Abubakar Sheriff

Founder of Qariyb

Our Story

Qariyb was born out of a need to solve a problem that I faced myself within the Muslim community. I often found it challenging to stay informed about community events, and I realized that many others in the community also faced the same struggle. Inspired by this challenge, I envisioned a platform that would streamline event discovery and facilitate meaningful connections.


Our aim is to empower individuals to stay connected, informed, and engaged with their community.


To be the central hub empowering the Muslim community with events, information, and resources that enhance faith, knowledge, and well-being.


Frequently asked questions

Qariyb is a global platform that allows the Muslim community to create, share, find, and attend events that align with their faith, values and interests. From religious gatherings, conferences, fundraisers, community rallies, cultural and social festivities. Our mission is to connect communities through shared experiences that bring us all together.

Qariyb enables ongoing engagement in communal activities, nurturing stronger bonds and spiritual well-being. It serves as an important link to mosques, community spaces and organizations, sustaining faith and fostering a sense of belonging.

Qariyb empowers event organizers to digitally publish their events in a simple way. You will be able to easily create events, whether standalone or recurring, and have them shared on the platform. Individuals can have the option to receive notifications of our new event and will be able to RSVP and add it to their calendar.

For event enthusiasts, Qariyb’s homepage will highlight interesting events happening in their area. You can browse the latest developments in your local community or other cities through the homepage, with the ability to sort by event time, distance, or relevance to the individual’s chosen interests.

Qariyb is free for both organizers and attendees, with optional premium features available for a monthly or yearly fee. The core functionalities remain free, allowing organizers to connect with their community, plan & share events, and engage with attendees at no extra cost. See pricing plan for more info.

At Qariyb, we are dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of events that celebrate the richness of Islamic heritage and culture. Our platform is the perfect destination for event organizers to showcase their events, whether they are educational workshops, community gatherings, cultural festivals, spiritual retreats, or any other event that promotes unity and diversity within the Muslim community. We invite organizers to share events that celebrate the vibrant traditions and values of Islam, and we look forward to fostering a sense of community and connection through our platform.

Yes, you can definitely use Qariyb to promote your event! We offer a feature where you can pay to have your event featured on our homepage carousel, which is tailored to show events based on the user's geolocation. This ensures that your event gets maximum exposure to users in your specific area, helping you reach your target audience effectively. See pricing plan for more info.

Our platform caters exclusively to the Muslim community, offering a tailored space for discovering events in line with faith, values, and interests. From religious gatherings to family activities, we curate a community-centered experience, prioritizing meaningful connections and inclusive event discovery.

Absolute Yes! Your data is our Amanah, at Qariyb our professional tech team take special care in the protection of the data of our user.

  • We don't share event host or guest data with any third party.
  • We do not sell your information.
  • For detailed information, please read our privacy policy.